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Forklift tyres: the crucial test that too many companies fail

More than one in four forklift tyres are changed too early, or too late - putting profits and safety at risk.

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Make your tyres go the extra mile

Cheap tyres: worth the risk?

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Forklift tyres may be small, but they play a big role in terms of safety, so it's worth paying attention to them. The good news...
We all like a bargain... especially in tough times. The trouble is that paying less can actually cost more in the long run...
Forklift tipping accidents are now one of the biggest causes of fatal workplace accidents. In almost all of these cases, the driver was ‘mousetrapped'...
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Opportunity charging your forklift could steadily reduce your battery's efficiency.

Tyres are often under-estimated for their role - not only in safety - but also increasing productivity. A few simple actions can extend tyre life and significantly reduce tyre replacement costs. This featured article provides five practical tips on how you can save money and maximise performance.

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